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Dare To Love Wholeheartedly

I was just listening to an interview with Brene Brown, the social researcher who studies shame. She was speaking about the benefit of living wholeheartedly. This means having a willingness to be vulnerable, take risks and actively embrace life fully. Brene made me...

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Connecting Rituals Benefit Your Love Relationship

Every day you participate in routine activities that are rituals for getting you through the day. Quite likely you start off your morning with rituals for getting ready such as showering, dressing and eating breakfast. In your love relationship, you also practice...

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Three Tips to Inspire Positive Change in Your Mate

Too many promising love relationships end in ruins. Many couples in committed, viable relationships give up because of feelings of frustration and hopelessness that their relationship can be improved. They fail to realize that they have the power to influence positive...

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Is Stress Affecting Your Love Relationship?

At one time or another we all experience stress. What you may not realize is how much stress negatively affects your love relationship. Stress can come from outside influences such as a demanding job, living in a high crime neighborhood or coping with societal...

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Should I Forgive My Spouse? Is It Safe To Trust Again?

Are you in a committed love relationship? If you are, here’s an unpopular but undeniable truth – you will get hurt! This is not a cynical statement meant to scare you; it’s a logical conclusion based on the fact that you and your partner are imperfect. Of course, some...

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A Strong Boundary Can Prevent Cheating

Most couples in a committed relationship want and expect loyalty and exclusivity from their partner. This creates a feeling of security. However many partners are terrified that their loved one will end up cheating. Is cheating inevitable? How can you establish a...

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Will Valentine’s Day Live Up To Your Expectations?

February 14th is the day celebrated as Valentine’s Day in many countries throughout the world. More often than not women expect more from Valentine’s Day than men do. It’s a day many women long for in great and hopeful anticipation of the shower of attention, love and...

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