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The Rhythm of Appreciation

Many couples experience a turn in their relationship from the excitement and joy of being together to feelings of frustration, questioning, “Is this the best that I can expect from being married?” You may even feel, “I’m not really in love anymore.” Sometimes the...

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Is Defensiveness Hurting Your Relationship?

It is natural to try to defend yourself if you feel that you are being attacked. In your intimate relationship even though you may trust your spouse, there are times when you may feel that you are under attack. This can happen when you feel that you are being...

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3 Steps for Managing Anger

Have you ever reacted to something that your loved one, a colleague or friend said to you in such a sharp and angry tone that you even surprised yourself? When certain buttons are pushed it can create feelings of anger. In an instant you may find yourself unleashing...

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5 Financial Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marriage

Getting married is a significant financial decision. Beyond planning and saving for the wedding and honeymoon you and your spouse are journeying down a road that determines your financial future. Here are 5 financial mistakes you should be aware of that could ruin...

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3 Crucial Steps to Stay on Track With Your Goals This Year

At the start of a new year many couples have great hopes and dreams for things they want to accomplish. Frequently they set goals and make resolutions that simply do not materialize. Here are three essential steps to get you on track as a couple in the New Year....

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Are Love Relationship Myths Pushing You Towards The Exit?

Most love relationships start off with a bang! However for too many couples, after a while the breathless gazes are replaced by angry looks and the promise of undying love fades into the distance. As time goes by and life becomes stressful, you may begin to think your...

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