Most love relationships start off with a bang! However for too many couples, after a while the breathless gazes are replaced by angry looks and the promise of undying love fades into the distance.

As time goes by and life becomes stressful, you may begin to think your relationship is beyond hope. Could it be that there are certain relationship myths that are affecting your perspective?

Relationship Myth #1 Good Relationships Are Supposed To Be Easy.

If you believe this and you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship you may conclude that you have made a mistake by choosing the wrong partner. The truth is relationships are hard work. It takes effort and time to get to know each other on a deep level.

The process of getting to know each other is like peeling an onion. As you go through different experiences you will discover things about yourself and each other that you never realized before.

Healthy love relationships require you to grow as you learn to adapt to each other and meet each other’s needs. The process of growth is painful at times because you are being challenged to change routines or behaviors that are familiar and very comfortable to you.

For example if you’ve been used to hanging out with friends whenever you want to, the freedom and flexibility feels great to you. However your partner may now want you to coordinate your schedule and plans with her before you agree to meet your friends.

Or you may be used to sharing the intimate details of your personal life with close family members or girlfriends. Your partner may feel that this violates his trust and would like you to be more discreet about what you share. Making adjustments and compromises to honor each other’s concerns may feel like a burden, but these sacrifices help to create a healthy relationship.

Relationship Myth #2 Couples In Good Relationships Hardly Disagree or Fight

Some couples argue a lot and other couples hardly argue. This is a statement of fact and not necessarily an indicator of the health of the relationship. The crucial issue is how a couple works through their disagreements.

Arguments tend to escalate when partners get upset. Heated emotions make it difficult to have a reasonable conversation. You can manage heated emotions by taking a time out and by practicing certain techniques to help you calm down. Once you are calm, you will be in a better frame of mind to communicate with your partner.

Relationship Myth #3 Good Relationships are almost always fun

It goes without saying that you chose to be in a committed relationship with your partner because you wanted to share the joy of living life together. That is as it should be, however as in any other area of life relationships go through phases and difficulties.

At the beginning of your relationship you and your partner probably talked about your goals and dreams. Time has passed and you may have arrived at some of these goals. However instead of happiness and fulfillment, you may be feeling overwhelmed or burdened. You may even be questioning if you still want to be in this relationship.

Usually times of heightened stress trigger difficulties in relationships. These stressors may include parenting, juggling careers, studying for an advanced degree and financial difficulties. The good news is that it is possible to get through this phase of your relationship and to become stronger as you work together to overcome the challenges.

Rekindle The Spark In Your Love Relationship

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You have a choice! Don’t allow relationship myths to ruin your chances for the love you desire. Your decision to invest time and effort into working on your relationship is worth it.