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Do you Have What it Takes to Be a True Power Couple?

In the age of Social Media we are bombarded with images of gorgeous celebrity couples that appear to be so happy and in love. These couples are also portrayed as ambitious and successful in their careers. Of course we may discover later that the glossy images of romantic bliss were just a façade. You may wonder, is it truly possible for two people to work together well enough to become a Power Couple?

A true power couple works together harmoniously, balancing and complementing each other. They experience a feeling of energized focus, which promotes creativity and high levels of productivity. There are certain essential elements that contribute to a couple working well together.

Practice Teamwork

To be a true power couple you and your mate will need to work together as a team. Effective teamwork requires a shared vision, a plan for your future. Both of you will need to buy into the vision and actively work together to make it happen. The team spirit comes from the belief that you are stronger together and you value and respect each other’s perspective.

Nurture Mind, Body and Spirit

To achieve this level of optimal functioning it is essential to nurture your mind, body and spirit. An innovative and inspired mind promotes creativity and productivity. You can achieve that mindset by reading, listening to and learning from individuals who stimulate your thinking, provide insights and motivate you to move towards your goals.

It is no surprise that a healthy body is critical to your success. Make personal choices to take good care of your body and your health. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and minimize your intake of alcohol. Absolutely avoid any other substance of abuse. Engage in physical exercise and get adequate rest.

Regardless of whether or not you have a religious orientation, striving to achieve your vision and your goals requires you to exercise faith. Having faith is necessary to persevere, especially when the journey becomes difficult. Have a conversation with your partner about your spiritual values and beliefs. Discuss and decide on the practices that you will put in place to nurture and strengthen your faith.

Develop Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential for you to put your plan into action and to tweak your vision as necessary over time. Of course good communication is also critical for you to enjoy everyday life together. Learning how to work through disagreements and resolve conflict is an absolute necessity. In addition, learning how to forgive each other will help you to move past the inevitable rough spots you will encounter.

Manage Your Finances

The area of finances is challenging for many couples. A true power couple has clear financial goals and a sound strategy in place to achieve those goals. The exercise of managing finances requires communication in order to create a mutually agreed upon earning, savings and spending plan. You and your partner will need to revisit the plan periodically and make adjustments as needed.

Learn from your mistakes

Consider your mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow in your relationship. You are both human, you will make mistakes. Take responsibility when you make a mistake and make it your priority to work on improvements. Your relationship is a dynamic process; making corrections and adjustments is necessary to help your relationship to grow.

Cherish each other

This seems like an obvious point, but sadly it’s one that many couples overlook. Too often couples get caught up with the demands of a hectic life and they take each other for granted. You may have heard the phrase, “I love my partner but I’m not in love anymore.” Love doesn’t just suddenly disappear, nor will it magically return, it must be nurtured. Make it your business to do warm and thoughtful things that make your partner feel loved.

The process of becoming a true Power Couple takes time and effort. Give priority to your relationship, work hard at it and commit to finding a way to make it through the difficult times.

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